Third enhancement, GSoC 2018 with phpmyadmin

Third enhancement submitted

I’ve submitted a PR for the third feature - Have set the default width for varchar fields in the insert page to cover the whole width of page. I assigned a class to the “value” th element in the table, and styled it to cover the whole page. Varchar and char textareas were also assigned a class to cover 95% of their parent elements.(width style overrides col attribute) I have set the minimum number of rows to 7. It doesn’t need any relative value, as the height of this table mostly overflows the page.

Among all the enhancements in my list, the third one was the most minor one, all the others require relatively a lot more work and testing.

Plans for next weak.

Mentor evaluation starts 11th June. I will be scrutinizing my work until now to test for bugs and for code optimization whereever possible and will be working on some issues.

Written on June 10, 2018