Working on second enhancement, week 3, GSoC 2018 with phpmyadmin

Week 3

I’m currently working on the second enhancement,

Importing table from a CSV file

When a table is imported from a CSV file, the default table name is Table ## and default names for the columns are COL ##. Default table and column names


Set the imported table name to the name of the imported file and column names to the titles of each column in the csv file OR ask the user to enter table and column names.

I was planning to add the feature of setting column names of the table imported from a csv file from the title of all the different columns, but this feature is already present. Now, I’ll be working on some other feature(currently discussing with mentor).

I’m also working on some issues in the issue tracker.

  1. Query > Submit query : Error 500

I’ve found an issue and I’m trying to work on it side by side.

Written on May 22, 2018