Google Summer of Code 2018 with phpmyadmin

Selected for GSoC 2018 :).

Why phpmyadmin

I started backend development about a year ago and I’ve been using phpmyadmin ever since. I can’t remember a time in my learning when I didn’t use phpmyadmin to manage my databases. Using phpmyadmin makes the development process so easy and fast because I don’t have to write SQL queries again and again, and can focus on writing code for my app.

I was determined to participate in GSoC this year and wanted to work in php to apply what I had learned and to take my development skills to a higher level. When I saw phpmyadmin as one of the organisations in GSoC, I had instantly decided that I’ll be applying in this org.

Early participation and contributions

I started contributing to phpmyadmin in January this year and I was fascinated to see the well-maintained multi-platform (Web, Desktop, Mobile) support and codebase.

Through my contributions in phpmyadmin I have learnt a lot about open source development and more importantly about good software development techniques. Following are the links to my contributions to the repository.

  1. Closed PRs.
  2. Open PRs.
  3. Issues found

I am excited about contributing to phpmyadmin and hope to meet the expected standards.

Project Abstract

The aim of the project is to implement some of the enhancements suggested in the issue tracker to improve user experience(adding new useful features and making the app easier to use), security and performance.

Project Mentor : Isaac Bennetch

Blog and Checkins

I have still to figure out how often would I post on this blog. I am planning something of a weekly update posts but that’d depend on how the work progresses. I’ll stay in contact with my mentor, reporting the progress, getting feedback about the ideas and the code I’ll write.

Written on April 28, 2018